Trail Work Day 2007

On Saturday June 16, a trail work day was held on the Goffstown Rail Trail by the Friends of The Goffstown Rail Trail. Work was done in the large rock cut west of Lynchville Park Road, the site of the April 2006 work project (see photos). Damage done by two flooding events was repaired, and the improved area was extended and enhanced. As before, the Department of Public Works provided the material, which was used in combination with rocks and logs on the site. Thanks to all those who helped out!

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20070616_085050 20070616_085111 20070616_104434
20070616_104650 20070616_113217 20070616_113329
20070616_100711 20070616_104836 20070616_121445
20070616_114751 20070616_120947 20070616_121242

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