Benefits of the Trail

  • Beautification

    Greater pride in the community will result from an ecologically sound beautification of the area.  Clean up of the area is the first step in the conversion of this area from a deserted rail bed to a Greenway park.
  • Economic Value

    Economic renewal and growth make abutting properties and the whole town a more desirable place to live.  Research shows that the proximity of a property to an improved trail facility is a desirable real estate feature, benefiting the property and the town as a whole.
  • Health and Safety

    The town gets a healthy and safe non-motorized recreational area close to home.  Walkers, joggers, bicyclists, and other non-motorized activities would be diverted from busy highways and streets.  Increased usage of improved trails has been a deterrent to criminal activities through the increased presence of the public.
  • Connecting the Villages

    The community gets a connection joining the neighborhoods of Pinardville, Grasmere Village, and Goffstown Village.  Many community facilities such as the ball fields at the Villa Augustina, the Parks and Recreation facility, and the new Sarette field are adjacent to the trail.