Press Release

Goffstown Rail Trail Receives Recreational Trails Grant

The Friends of the Greenway is pleased to announce that its joint application with the Town of Goffstown for a grant from the New Hampshire Recreational Trails Program has received preliminary approval from the New Hampshire Bureau of Trails. Final approval is contingent on the successful review of the proposed project by other state agencies, including the Department of Environmental Services, the Natural Heritage Bureau, and the Division of Historical Resources. Notice of final approval is expected in June. The nearly $30,000 grant will be matched by more than $8,000 in donations, volunteer labor, and other in-kind contributions.

The grant will be used for the "First Mile" project of the Goffstown Rail Trail. This project will be the first major construction on the trail. The work will include correcting erosion problems, making safety improvements, and installing a durable processed gravel trail surface along the “First Mile” segment.

The Goffstown Rail Trail follows the former Boston & Maine railroad right-of-way from the Piscataquog River near Main Street in Goffstown village, through Grasmere and the county complex, to the Manchester city line near Sarette Field in Pinardville. It runs roughly parallel to Mast Road and the Piscataquog River, and is approximately 5.5 miles long. The trail will provide a quiet, healthy, and safe non-motorized connection between many adjacent or nearby neighborhoods, community facilities, and natural areas. It will eventually connect with Manchester’s Piscataquog Trail.

The Town of Goffstown purchased the railroad right-of-way in 2004. Shortly afterward, the Piscataquog River Local Advisory Committee (PRLAC) sponsored a trail design charrette. The Friends of the Greenway, assisted by the PRLAC and several other local groups, has conducted a number of trail cleanups and work days.

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