2008 Rail Trail Bridge Construction

After the contracted trail and drainage project was completed (see photos here), it was time for the volunteers to get to work. On a cold November morning, hardy trail volunteers began work with the temperature near 20 degrees. As they tried to start digging, they discovered that the ground was already frozen a few inches deep. However, once the ground was broken up, progress was steady on the actual bridge structure. By mid afternoon, the bridge deck was complete. A smaller number of volunteers finished the railings and trim over the following couple of days.

This project was made possible by nearly 20 people who volunteered a total of more than 150 hours of work. Thanks for the support of this project also go to:

  • Public Service of New Hampshire for funding through their Environmental Community Grant Program
  • Lowes of Bedford for providing a substantial discount on the materials
  • Dan Devriendt, of Devriendt Farm, for bringing his backhoe over to break up the frozen ground
  • John Neville Excavating for backfilling and smoothing the trail surface after the bridge was complete
  • Goffstown Board of Selectmen for their continuing support of rail trail construction